Lasting Love Series

Lasting Love - the first novel of the Lasting Love Series by Tara Randel

After her boss (and former boyfriend) sabotages her career, Casey Hudson returns to her small mountain hometown of Paineville to open a craft store with her cousin. She swears no man will influence her business or personal life again. But when her teenage crush, Ty Banner – hard-hearted and unwilling to take a second chance at love - walks back into her life, Casey’s resolve beings to weaver.

Ty has dealt with rejection and heartbreak his whole life, first at the hands of his distant mother, and most recently when his gold-digging fiancé left him wary of trusting his heart to anyone again, even to someone like Casey.
As Casey’s feeling for Ty deepen, her heart asks the questions her brain can’t answer. Can a youthful crush she once treasured grow into a meaningful relationship? Will Ty’s untrusting nature thwart their future—a future that includes her lasting love? It’s mystery and romance at its best.

If you love romance novels, you will certainly enjoy Lasting Love.


"This sweet one-sitting read is all about second chances and most importantly about family and how important it is. I thoroughly enjoyed this first Avalon book by Tara Randel and avidly look forward to reading more of her stories." Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews

Melody of Love - the second novel of the Lasting Love Series by Tara Randel

Mix one meddling grandmother, a small town full of drama and more homespun advice than anyone could use in a lifetime, the old Cadillac she loves but can't depend on, and you have Marilyn Banner trying her darnedest to get out of town, That is, until Dusty Haywood brings music into her life...

Excerpt from Melody of Love

"My granddaughter--who is single, I might add--is speaking out of turn. She don't know what she needs." "Gran!"

Dusty watched the young woman's face turn a becoming shade of crimson. When she met his eyes with hers, he smiled in commiseration. "I have a grandmother, too." Marilyn glared at him, obviously not accepting his sympathy. He decided to keep his mouth shut.

Ruby Sue stood, her hands balled at her waist. "You can speak your mind, Marilyn, and so can I. This is still my house and I have the final say on what goes on here." Marilyn also stood, meeting her grandmother's ire head-on. "Gran, don't do this." The two women stood in silent stand-off, hitching Dusty's curiosity to full blown. "Do what?"

The women scowled at each other. Marilyn answered without looking his way. "She's playing matchmaker." Dusty choked on a mouthful of green beans. Ruby Sue turned on her heel and stomped from the room. Marilyn slowly lowered herself into her seat.

Once he swallowed his food, Dusty found his voice. "Did you say matchmaker?" Marilyn stared down at her plate. Silence reigned until the clang of pots sounded from the kitchen. She sighed. "Gran's been trying to marry me off for some time now. It's like a holy mission for her. Problem is, she hasn't succeeded."

So matchmaking was why the older woman wanted to know his age, marital status, if he held a steady job, for the sole purpose of having a responsible boarder. It also explained the big smile when Ruby Sue met him and welcomed him with open arms. Forgetting to ask about references. And going on how a single man like him had found just the right place to settle himself.

"It could be worse," Marilyn informed him, humor infusing her tone. "She could have had the minister waiting in the parlor when you got home from work one day." Dusty swallowed hard. Just what had he gotten himself into? The barest trace of a smile tugged at Marilyn's lips. "I'm not joking, I've lived with this woman all my life. It just might happen."

Dusty reached up to scratch his neck. "I just need a place to hang out for a while. No drama, just quiet." He glanced in Marilyn's direction. "I'm not gonna get any quiet, am I?" This time her smile actually shined in her eyes. "No." Dusty leaned back and rested his head against the high-back chair. He expelled a long breath. "She got first and last." "You won't be seeing that money again."

If you love romance novels, you will certainly enjoy Melody of Love.

"This was a one sitting read for me as all of her books have been so far. Poor Marilyn deserved her happy ending and I'm so glad that Dusty wasn't about to give up on her. Now I'm looking forward to what Tara has in mind for brother Gabe and his daughter Emily. I'm a huge fan of Tara Randel's and hope she has many more books to keep me entertained for years to come. Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews.

This Time Love - the third and last novel of the Lasting Love Series by Tara Randel

Faced with the ultimatum of getting married to get legal custody of her niece, Lindsey Summer resolves to do everything she can to fulfill that request, including a dating campaign to find Mr. Right. Little does she know her plans will change when the only man she's ever loved, Gabe Banner, moves back to town. Now a widower, he could help her with her dilemma, but will he love her in return?

Gabe has come back to Paineville with his young daughter, determined to stay free from dating entanglements. Until he runs into Lindsey. They knew each other years ago, so does that explain his strong attraction to her? Why else would he feel compelled to help her? Is he doing the impossible? Falling in love again?


Gabe turned his questioning gaze on her. "Why would your mother make a list of men for you?"

She groaned. "It's a long story."

"Look, Lindsey, I know it s been a long time since we've seen each other, but with your questions about lawyers and your mom's everything alright?"


"Please tell me. Maybe I can help. Anything at all, just name it. What do you need?"

"I need a husband."

"Want to run that by me again?"

Oh no, did I just blurt that out? Lindsey wanted to bury her burning face in her hands, but the damage was done. 

If you love romance novels, you will certainly enjoy This Time Love.

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"I absolutely adore sweet romances such as this especially with recurring characters. Tara Randel writes some of the best. Now it is my fervent wish that Ms. Randel will write Alanna's story since she hinted at it in this one. My fingers are crossed"...Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews