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The Love Assignment - a mystery and romance novel by Tara Randel

Literally bumping into her blind date isn't exactly how Jenny Meyer imagined meeting Nick Bryson. And if he notices she's a bit rusty in the dating department, he's right. So when the scoundrel offers to coach her in much needed dating lessons, she decides to go for it. Taking him up on the offer provides more fun than she's had in a long time and as she gets to know him, she rises to the challenge of proving to Nick that love is a worthwhile endeavor.

Fake dating soon becomes a problem for cynical Nick when he starts to worry about Jenny taking his so-called lessons seriously and applying them to the male population. It occurs to him that maybe he doesn't have all the answers about relationships. He does discover that he wants Jenny for himself, with no pretense. Once she turns the tables on him, Nick becomes the student while Jenny teaches him about true love.

Excerpt from The Love Assignment

"How about I help you. Dating 101, Nick Bryson style." "You're kidding!" Nick laid his hand over his heart, displaying mock hurt. "You don't think I can do it?" Stunned didn't begin to describe her reaction to his offer. "I'm sure you can, it's just that we're strangers really." "So are most people when they first start dating."Jenny's eyes narrowed. "Why are you offering to help me do this?" she asked, not convinced this was a smart thing to do. "Why not? You seem like a nice person, even if Kate is your friend. And Mike speaks highly of you." He graced her with a seductive smile that nudged her curiosity. "You can get a reference about me from Mike, if that'll make you feel safer."

At her dubious expression, he said "Look, I'm not seeing anyone seriously and I've got the time." Translated: I've got nothing better to do, why not spend it with you? Not exactly the response she'd been looking for. On the other hand, what could it hurt? Who better to teach her the fine art of dating than a hot-blooded, and oh-so-handsome, American male? Okay, Mr. Generous. Give it your best shot.

Then again, she didn't want Nick to think she was desperate. Thinking up a reasonable explanation for the lessons, she said, "Well, there is this guy in the office next to mine I wouldn't mind trying my technique on. He's kind of cute." She paused, drawing out the tension when she glimpsed the expectant smile on his face. "Sure, Nick," she answered sweetly. "I accept your offer. "Great. I'll pick you up Saturday, around noon. We'll have lunch." "I'll be ready."

If you love romance novels, you will certainly enjoy The Love Assignment.

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"Written in a fun style that is earning Tara Randel well-deserved acclaim, The Love Assignment is an inspiring story of having enough faith to wait for loved ones to find their way and how the power of love can heal the past and bring hope to the future." Rating: 5

Jean-Christine LeGrendre
Inspire Monthly

Hidden Hearts - a mystery and romance novel by Tara Randel

Hotel manager Teri Price finds herself with more than one problem at the resort she manages. Strange noises, missing contractors, and handsome security chief, Jack Bishop, to name a few. Especially when Teri learns that Jack has his own agenda. Despite declarations to work independently, the pair team up to solve the mystery, while unsuccessfully fighting their mutual attraction.

Set on the Gulf coast of Florida, the tropical locale provides a stunning backdrop for the resort hotel steeped in history. Finding the source of the troubles, along with rumors of hidden jewels, become intertwined with the couple's deepening relationship. But will they draw closer to finding answers? Will betrayals and danger to their lives keep them apart?


"A day at the beach will never be the same," Jack said in a husky whisper. He squeezed her arm, but made no other moves toward her.

Terri opened her eyes and smiled. She purred in contentment. Here she stood, on a beautiful beach, beside a gorgeous man who set her heart thumping. At this moment, she could almost forget about his interference in her career.

His head lowered in her direction for what she felt sure would be a mind-boggling kiss. The clean scent of his cologne tickled her nose as he drew closer. His lips barely grazed hers. In anticipation of more, she waited, holding her breath. A ringing sounded in her ears.

How romantic, she thought. I'm hearing bells. The ringing sounded again, this time with an urgent tone. She looked at Jack. "Your cellular," he muttered, dropping his hand and taking a step back.

"Of course. My phone," she replied briskly, pulling the shoulder strap of her purse down to reach inside the leather bag.

If you like novels about mystery and romance you will certainly enjoy Hidden Hearts.


"Ms. Randel’s mystery and romance has delightful twists of whimsical humor and with a totally unexpected suspect thrown in, she leaves her readers guessing what will happen next." 
Romantic Times Book Club -  4 Stars Romantic Times Book Club

"An interesting story proving there's more to life than working."      Rendezvous Magazine

"This story had every element that I love to read about: great characters, intriguing circumstances, a bit of a mystery and romance.  It didn't take long for me to devour this book.  I look forward to reading more from Tara Randel!"     Kathy Boswell,  The Best Reviews

The Lady In The Attic - by Tara Randel

Lead book in the Annie’s Attic Mysteries Series.

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Upon the death of her beloved grandmother, Annie Dawson travels to Stony Point, Maine to tie up affairs and decide the fate of the family home, Grey Gables. In the attic, she comes across an unusual cross stitch featuring a young woman seated on a porch swing of the grand old house. Who is the woman? It isn’t her grandmother. Annie is intrigued and determined to discover her identity. Others, however, don’t like her nosing around their town. As small incidents begin to happen, Annie wonders, is she in danger? With the help of her new friends in the Hook and Needle Club, a local needlecraft group, Annie sets out to discover clues about the Lady in the Attic. But what will it cost Annie as she grows closer to the truth?