A Heartwarming Holiday is here!

I'm so excited to celebrate the release of A Heartwarming Holiday on October 11, 2016.

Look for fifteen new stories set in Christmas Town Maine.


My story, Cooking Up Christmas,, is in Book 2.

Here's an excerpt.

Gabi navigated through town as she headed back to the resort grounds.

“I like it here,” Simon said, looking out the window as they cruised down Main Street. The city workers were attaching light-up star decorations to the lampposts. Holly had already been hung on the white-picket fences surrounding the town square. “Even if everything revolves around Christmas.”

“What? You don’t like the holidays?”

He shrugged. “As much as anyone, I suppose.”

“Well, I love Christmas. Trust me, when the lodge opens, it’s going to be Christmas Central.”

As she motored past the square her heart soared. A tall evergreen stood in the center. Soon it would be time for the lighting celebration, one of Gabi’s favorite nights of the year. She loved the look of wonder on the children’s faces when the bright lights illuminated the night sky. Loved the spirit of hope permeating the entire town. Christmas was the one time of year she let her hair down, so to speak. She loved tree trimming, baking cookies and shopping for gifts. Most of all, she loved the true giving spirit of the season.

“Do me a favor,” came Simon’s deep voice. “Keep the dining room clear of decorations.”

No Christmas decor? The comment startled her. “Not possible. This is the first Christmas under new management. We’re going to do it big.” Gabi frowned. “Wait. Why keep the dining room clear of Christmas cheer?”

“Don’t want all the fuss to take away from the food.”

“I doubt that will happen.”

“How do you know? You haven’t tasted my food yet.”

“You haven’t offered,” Gabi volleyed back.

“True.” Simon grinned. “Let me tell you a little secret. I’m picky about my recipes.”

“So that means no sneak previews?”

“Maybe a few before the soft opening.”

“But in the meantime, let’s concentrate on getting the dining room finished.” Gabi turned off Main and drove down Yuletide Way in the direction of the mountain. “With my paint color choice.”

"Right. Never gonna happen.”

“I am the boss, you know.”

Simon shot her an amused glance. “In your dreams, sweetheart.”

Why not enjoy the holiday early this year?

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